Whole Harvest

Whole Harvest

We're all about whole food plant-based, and we're all about eating better. Better food, better for you, better for the planet.

Whether we’re trying to reduce our environmental footprint or live the longest, heathiest life possible, all of us trying to eat 100% whole food plant-based meals need it to be easier.

Today, “Plant-based” is used as a buzzword to sell processed, not-so-healthy stuff, and many “plant-based” meal delivery services make compromises to cut costs.

It’s hard to sort out who’s who, and it feels like a struggle to do the right thing for yourself and your loved ones.

We believe you deserve to trade the struggle for an authentic experience you can savor and enjoy.

Our team is deeply committed to the values of the Whole Food Plant-Based community. We share your commitment to sustainability, so we work overtime to use eco-friendly packaging and support local, organic farms whenever possible. We also work with nutritionists and top scientific researchers to develop meals with maximum benefits to your health.


Location: the north side of Town Center Plaza, near GNC.