Tabu Knits Boutique

Tabu Knits Boutique

Maryann Nzioki, owner

My Story


Tabu Knits started as a labor of love, I never imagined a hobby would turn into a boutique. I was in need of an outlet after working long hours at my corporate job and came across a "how to knit" YouTube video. After wearing my creation to work, co-workers began placing orders for me to customize scarfs, hats, and mitts. Things really took off once I was able to work out a deal with a popular boutique in Kansas City, MO to sell a few handmade products; the store was sold out within a week. I came back the following week and the same occurred. What you see today is a result of constant practice, dedication and passion to bring my creation to life. 

Why do I share my story? 

Everyone has a dream to do, be, or create something. Bringing our ideas to the world is never easy, but it is worth it. With practice and commitment we can do anything our heart desires. I took the leap of faith to walk away from secure job to turn my hobby into a business, you can do the same. Whether you decide to build a business or have your hobby remain as a side project to relax, do it with love. 

May your hobby bring you peace!