Revocup Coffee Roasters

A place where quality meets humanity!”

Revocup coffee locally owned, relaxed atmosphere, coffee house with single origin coffee and espresso that is roasted fresh in house.

The coffee shop will offer espresso drinks including an Ethiopian macchiato, lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, and Revocup’s popular single-origin drip coffee. The restaurant will also offer frozen drinks, smoothies, and a limited menu, including light sandwiches and pastries.

Revocup’s core offering is its freshly roasted coffee, which includes beans from Ethiopia and many other parts of the coffee-growing world, including Colombia, Tanzania, El Salvador, Kenya, and Costa Rica. In addition to having a cup of coffee on premises, customers can buy bags to take home, with the average bag priced at $14–$16. The most popular varieties include the Ethiopian Sidamo Natural, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, and Genesis Natural.

Revocup founder Habte Mesfin takes pride in transparency and the bean’s origins. “People know our coffee is fresh, and we give them more information than anyone else: which country it comes from, what particular farm or region it comes from, the date that it was roasted,” he says. “Coffee is an agricultural product, and it has a very short shelf life.” To ensure freshness, Mesfin says bags of retail coffee are usually removed from the shelves after three to five weeks and brewed in store.

“A coffee shop with a heart for the coffee grower”

In addition to buying his coffee on fair-trade principles, Mesfin and his wife, TG, launched the Revocup Foundation, which receives 10 cents from every cup of coffee sold at Revocup’s stores and $1 from every bag of coffee. To date, the foundation has opened 38 libraries in coffee-growing communities in Ethiopia. “We believe education is the most effective weapon against poverty,” says Mesfin, who hopes the foundation’s projects and geographical reach can grow over time, too; for instance, he’s currently working on issues around clean water.